Businesses are ‘not using SEO to its full potential’

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO
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As firms battle it out over decent search engine ranking and the importance of digital marketing becomes more apparent, expenditure on SEO strategies appears to be on the increase.

More and more firms are turning to search engine marketing to get their websites noticed and they are ploughing ever-greater sums of money into SEO in the hope that their websites will appear in the top ten results on Google for their chosen search terms.

And with conversion rates steadily increasing in the search engine optimisation sector, it seems that businesses which take the initiative and boost investment in the area are doing the right thing – whether they go it alone or hire in a professional SEO Company.

However, according to new research by search engine marketing industry magazine Genius, businesses are not using search engine optimisation to its full potential.

In their B2B Marketer Skills Survey, the search engine optimisation experts claimed that digital marketing is rapidly evolving and businesses need to do more to stay on top of the latest developments – something which can be achieved by outsourcing online marketing to a specialist SEO company.

For instance, half of firms have failed to capitalise on the SEO benefits of blogging and social networking. Some 50 per cent of companies don’t have a blog to help boost their search engine results page performance, while 49 per cent have never considered a search engine marketing optimised Twitter account.

The report claimed that in order to meet revenue and return-on-investment goals, digital marketing professionals “need to adopt new skills”.

“While recent studies have shown that up to 90 per cent of consumers are using social media to make their purchasing decisions, B2B marketers seem to be out of step and are using these tools much less frequently,” Genius claimed.

“Instead, they are relying on marketing analytics for measurement versus tools that either extend their reach or build relationships. This usage and adoption appears to fly in the face of the social media hype.”

Shifting focus towards third-party websites such as Facebook and Twitter seems to reinforce the view that the look and feel of a business’s website is not the be all and end all of search engine marketing.

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  1. My experience to date is that most businesses look for a defined number of keywords, and then optimise their existing site for those words. This ‘number’ could be five, or 10, or 15, and they’re driven by the sort of pricing packages most SEO providers offer for small businesses.

    Rather than limiting themselves, businesses should be looking for a provider that will research as many keywords as possible that are relevant and have good search volume, and who will then write extra content for the clients website to enable optimisation of those keywords.

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