Advertising your business on the internet has the potential to get your brand in front of a worldwide audience.

After all, it only takes a click of a mouse and your logo, brand and key messages could be zinging their way into the homes and businesses of millions across the globe.

But once you’ve settled on the right place on the internet to advertise your business, how can you tell if your online marketing efforts are actually working for you?

Depending on how much money you’re willing to dedicate to measuring your return on investment, there are a range of measurement tools available to businesses. And they deliver incredibly accurate results. So, half the battle is wading your way through the tools on offer and finding one that best suits your needs.

Holiday website channels 80% of its marketing budget into online advertising. Joint CEO Penny Parsons admits she favours online marketing because measuring her return on investment in a breeze. For every $1 she spends on marketing, she aims for a $3 return on the investment, she says.

Like an increasing number of companies, the website business recently hired an online expert and charged her with the task of managing all search engine marketing, search engine optimisation and social networking for the company.

“It’s so important for a business to measure how effective their online marketing dollars are because otherwise they’ve got no way to track what’s working and what isn’t,” Parsons says.

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  1. It’s just so important for companies to rack the ROI on any advertising they do. Online Marketing makes it so easy to do, with the likes of WebTrends and Google Analytics. The stats available to clients who use email marketing platforms like Vision 6, make it possible to re-target certain clients, based on a range of demographics, with a range of messages. Really powerful stuff.

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