Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Plan

Development of a single integrated digital marketing strategy is crucial for achieving success in a digital world.

The strategy should bring together your commercial objectives, the market opportunities in your industry, and be a single interactive roadmap for your future marketing activities.

This roadmap then becomes your plan and vision for future digital activities, and should be extrapolated out to cover a 12 month period.  The roadmap should bring together and all the relevant internal stakeholders, to ensure it captures the current business requirements and likely future needs. It should also look at a diverse range of business and technical drivers, including:

  • Commercial objectives (Long term business goals & short term goals)
  • Campaign goals (short term, long term)
  • Current technology platforms & systems (website, database, CMS, email)
  • Past activity & results
  • Competitor activity
  • Market analysis
  • Offline activity
  • Projected results
  • Expected budgets
  • Timing requirements

You should take the time to develop this roadmap over several workshop sessions.  At this point it may pay to retain the services of agency to assist you with this.  Whilst it will cost you in the short term, the long term benefits of having the agency conduct external research, and provide valuable industry expertise across all the areas of digital marketing, will more than pay off in the long term.

When looking at your digital strategy, there will be two key deliverables:

1. Integrated Digital Strategy

The 12 month digital marketing strategy comprising all background research, market analysis and proposed media activity. This should include detailed information on proposed channels and publishers, campaign measurement and anticipated results.

The goal of the strategy is to create a Roadmap for the coming 12 months which directs all future interactive projects, marketing activity and technology requirements.  It should be focused on creating a single communication experience for current and future customers where each campaign and channel shares a common message, brand interaction and goal.

2. Digital Media Plan

The 12 month digital media plan for all proposed marketing activity across all channels and publishers on a week by week basis. This plan allows you, the Client, to easily see the proposed strategy broken down into individual campaigns with start and end dates.  It also brings together all media fees, agency fees if any, and any technology costs (email, ad serving, etc) to provide a single transparent summary of all expenditure for the year.

You should have the agency you use present the roadmap for approval in a final meeting before moving on to the implementation phases.  It should be subject to ongoing review, again by all relevant stakeholders, and should be flexible enough to be changed in line with shifts in business goals or market conditions.


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