Continuing on from Part 2 last week, here is Part 3 of the questions you should be asking a prospective SEO Agency.

Question 8: What’s your link building process?

I’ve covered off the importance of link building in the ranking process in previous posts.  Whilst the strategy sounds easy, the tactics behind the strategy are more difficult.  Simply put, link building is the process of creating back links for your website, where every back link is a vote for the quality of your website.

There are several ways of getting back links.  A good SEO agency will write keyword rich articles and submit them to, or some other popular article directory, thus providing good back links to your website.  Your company blog is also a very simple way of getting links back to your main site.  Especially if someone else finds your article and posts it to their website or blog.  The only problem of course is this takes time to implement, and can take two to three months to see the results, but, that’s a fact of SEO.

What you should look out for is the purchasing of a link from “Link Farms”.  They simply sell links just to make money for themselves, and are nothing more than spammers.  If your agency asks for money to purchase links, be very sceptical.

Question 9: Do you utilize ethical or white hat SEO techniques?

If your agency mentions the following terms, RUN!!!

  • doorway pages – a doorway page is a page that the consumer will never see, but the search engine spider does
  • invisible text – this is where text is hidden from the consumer by matching the text colour the background, or hiding it within the code in a some sort of Javascript
  • keyword stuffing – packing, or stuffing, a stack of keywords into your site will get your site penalised by the search engines

Black Hat SEO, as the above techniques are referred to, is very tempting as they actually work.  The issue is, it’s only temporary.  The search engines will ban you, so the long term risk is simply not worth it.

Question 10: Do you work for any of my competitors?

This doesn’t mean that they can’t work for you, but you should be across any potential conflicts of interest.  A good agency should volunteer this information up front, but often they won’t, hence, ask.

Question 11: Will you edit my website’s content? Who owns this content?

Absolutely they should be editing your website content, or at the very least, supplying you with the content to upload yourself.  Second to this, you should always remain the owner of the content on your website.   Ask your agency what becomes of the content should you split from their services.  If there is an indication that they will take the content back, and I’ve said this before, RUN!!.

Well that’s it for this topic.  I certainly hope the questions help.  Good luck.


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