Social media fails to score sales leads

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Digital Marketing

Although a quarter of small businesses have taken to using social media, the figures may have reached a peak, reported eMarketer.

Research from Network Solutions and the Center for Excellence in Service highlighted that Facebook is the chosen social media vehicle for 82% of small businesses. The most common activities for businesses on Facebook include posting status updates and posting links to relevant content.

In terms of social media goals, 69% of small businesses achieved their objectives of pushing customers to become fans of their page on Facebook, while 59% managed to get traffic sent to their company website from Facebook.

Many businesses though admitted that they felt let down by social media and that their aims of spreading brand awareness and attracting new customers were not fully met. Findings include that clients are connecting with companies through social media, but very few sales leads have been achieved through the websites.

Other concerns which businesses had with social media include the fact that it takes up more time than expected – although 7% less respondents indicated this fact in the 2010 study, this may show that social media expectations are becoming more realistic.

Source – Marketing Mag


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