Australian Digital Consumption Lagging Behind

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Digital Marketing, Online Marketing
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Online Marketing

Online lags behind TV as the most used media among Australians, while dominating globally, according to a new global study.

Research agency TNS’ global Digital Life survey, which it claims is the largest ever online research project covering 46 countries and 90% of the world’s online population, online lags behind TV as Australians media of choice with 63% of Australian online users accessing the internet daily, compared to 68% who watch TV on a daily basis. Almost half (48%) of internet users listened to radio daily and 22% read newspapers.

Meanwhile globally, online consumption dominates with 61% of online users accessing the internet daily compared to just 54% for TV, 36% for radio and 32% for newspapers.

What’s more, Australian’s online engagement falls behind the global average and other mature markets including the US and UK. While 35% of Australian online users were said to be “highly engagement”, 51% had low engagement. In the US and UK, 43% of online users were said to be highly engaged.

Social networking is outpacing other online activities globally, with mobile handsets increasingly being used to access sites including Facebook and Twitter. In Australia, 2.6 hours are spent looking at social networking sites on mobile, compared to 4.1 hours per week from a PC. However 44% of respondents indicated they would increase their use of mobile in the next 12 months, compared to 26% increasing their use of computers.

The study, which involved 50,000 interviews, revealed those in emerging markets were more active online and more engaged than mature markets.

Jonathan Sinton, executive director of digital research at TNS, said: “Marketers looking to connect with consumers online need to remember people are not just clicks or page views; they have attitudes, needs and emotions that drive their behaviour. In order to build deeper connections with consumers and optimise digital strategies, marketers need to understand what motivated people online.”

“Many are launching smarter websites, experimenting with advertising, blogging, tweeting and Facebooking in an effort to tick their online strategy boxes, but most don’t know enough about how their consumers are using digital channels.”

Source – B&T



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