Australians love to tweet, says co-creator

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Digital Marketing, Social Media

Australia can lay claim to the third highest per capita Twitter useage in the world, according to co-creator of the micro-blogging service Dom Sagolla.

Sagolla was speaking at today’s Australia Radio Conference in Melbourne, where he revealed that Australian’s generate 1.8 tweets per month. New Zealand is ranked fourth, with 1.7 tweets per month on the same like-for-like measure.

“This region of the world has seen massive growth,” Sagolla said. “People here are big adapters and adopters.” Sagolla

The highest generator of tweets per capita is Singapore, with 4.5 tweets per month, followed by the Netherlands, with 2.1 tweets per months.

Daily usage of Twitter in Australia has grown by 341% between 2009 and 2010, according to Sagolla. He cited a average day in May of this year in terms of news events when Australians created 1,286,871 tweets. On the same day in May of 2009, Australians tweeted 377,808 times.

Sagolla rejected the idea that Twitter has harmed traditional media by reducing the amount of time consumers spend watching television and taking in other mediums and said the service complimented more established platforms. “Social networks and traditional media can live together,” he said.

Source – AdNews

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