It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally found my passion.

As a Business Development Manager for a full service digital marketing company, I am constantly monitoring the web for news, press releases, and updates, that will further my knowledge in Digital Marketing.  I’ve created this blog to be a knowledge  and news centre for those also interested in the digital marketing space, and who want to be kept up to date on the latest advances.

About Me

I’m currently working with a company called Clear Light Digital, who are a full service digital agency, supplying solutions to clients such RMIT, IKEA, Get Price, and Dunk Island.  We work with the larger end of town, but have recently started to deal with the smaller clients of the business world, as we really like to get involved in expanding a companies business, and watching them grow.  CLD are able to assist a client with all aspects of digital marketing, from design to build to strategy to marketing via search engines, Email or SMS.

Prior to CLD, I was involved with Advantate, and a search engine marketing company, since its formation in May 2007.

I’ve now gained almost three years experience in the search/digital marketing industry, and I can now say that all aspects of digital marketing is my true passion.  Why?  Because of the competitive nature of the industry, because of the ongoing in depth business discussions I get to have with some great clients, because of my job title (I’ve wanted to be a BDM for some time now), and finally, the joy I get when talking to a client who actually gets the power of SEO and PPC.

Prior to Advantate, I have built up over ten years of experience with previous roles in the online industry:

  • at Seek, Australia’s leading online job board, and a truly brilliant company to work for;
  • at Telstra, in various sales roles, dealing with clients from SMEs to large corporates

I now have a very good understanding of search marketing, the ongoing process behind it, the awesome outcomes of achieving top results, and the difficulties company’s face in deciding what provider they should use.

My role is to meet with clients who want or need to improve their rankings and listings on the major search engines, as well looking to expand their overall digital marketing strategies.  I then choose to educate clients on, rather than sell to, the digital marketing world, and how they can truly improve the lead generation performance of their website.


Shane Tomlinson
T: 0400 447 636
E: shane@clearlightdigital.com


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